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Celebrating over 25 years
of serving rehabilitation
medicine, orthotics and prosthetics.

Why Choose Chesapeake
Medical Products:

  • We are a USA manufacturer of quality splinting materials and related splint products
  • Chesapeake is a reliable source for all your low temperature thermoplastic splinting needs

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Excel - Minimum Resistance to Stretch
Infinity - Moderate Resistance to Stretch
FiberForm Soft - Moderate Resistance to Stretch
Rebound - Moderate Resistance to Stretch
Colours - Moderate to Maximum Resistance to Stretch
FiberForm Stiff - Maximum Resistance to Stretch
Marque-Easy - Maximum Resistance to Stretch


Pre-Formed Hand Splints are available in any of our splinting materials, and can also be fabricated from either smooth or perforated materials. They can easily be spot heated with hot water or a heat gun for minor changes and modifications to insure a precise fit.
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Chesapeake Medical currently has the standard pre-cut splint blanks available.  In addition, we currently have an inventory of over 200 pre-cut splint blank dies.   Our Staff has the capability to produce pre-cut splint blanks from any of our seven low temperature thermoplastic materials and are available in either smooth or perforated. 
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Socket Cone

The SocketCone® is a revolutionary and innovative product. It is a low temperature (160°-170°C) DYNAMIC prosthesis that may be used from 1) POST OP RIGID DRESSING, 2) CHECK SOCKET, to 3) DEFINITIVE SOCKET (WITH OVERWRAP). Socketcones® are fabricated with a KEVLAR® based fiber which gives the Socketcone® high strength and is extremely lightweight. This product saves time, materials and money for both the practitioner and the patient. ONE HOUR, OR LESS, OFFICE VISIT for the completed prosthesis.
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