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About Chesapeake Medical Products

Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. was established in 1995. Its origins go back to 1981, to a predecessor company, Polymed Splint Products, Inc. After a period of continual growth, this division was sold with Polymed Industries, Inc. in 1992 to Tecnol Orthopedics, Inc.

In 1995, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. was established under the leadership and guidance of C. Eric Johnson. Mr. Johnson has been involved in the field of Low-Temperature Thermoplastics for 30 years. He has been actively participating in the manufacturing process since 1981. He was instrumental in the founding of Polymed Splint Products, Inc. and its operation until 1992. With over thirty years of experience in this and many other medical surgical product fields, Mr. Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the marketplace.

As A USA MANUFACTURER of Low Temperature Thermoplastics, Chesapeake Medical (directly and through predecessors such as PolyMed Industries, Inc.), from the mid 1980's and into the early part of 2004 had been a manufacturer and supplier of the following branded products:

North Coast Medical, Inc.
(Periodically: 1980's - '03 and part of '04) - NCM Preferred* NCM Clinic*
NCM Clinic - D* NCM Spectrum*

* Trademarked Products Owned by North Coast Medical, Inc. (or Affiliate).  Chesapeake Medical Products is in No Way Affiliated with North Coast Medical, Inc.

Customers may now order the exact splinting materials previously manufactured North Coast Medical, Inc. direct from Chesapeake Medical under our own branded names: EXCEL™, INFINITY™, FIBERFROM® (SOFT), REBOUND™, COLOURS™, FIBERFORM® ( STIFF), and MARQUE EASY™. Orders may also be placed thru our several national distributors.

Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. continues to grow and expand to meet the needs of its customers. In 1999, the company purchased the assets of the splinting division of Tecnol Products, Inc., (the former Polymed Splint Products, Inc. division of Polymed Industries, Inc.) and up until the time of purchase, owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation. At the present time, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. is offering seven diverse low-temperature splinting material products: EXCEL™, INFINITY™, FIBERFORM® (SOFT), REBOUND™, COLOURS™, MARQUE EASY™, and FIBERFORM® (STIFF).

In May of 2002, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. began injection molding its' products through a joint venture agreement. The participation, in the acquisition of an injection molding machine, has provided the opportunity to better control product quality, manufacturing frequencies, and respond immediately to customers and product demands. In addition, the company is now offering and providing: custom injection molding, custom thermoform molding, custom injection mold and thermoforming mold building and repair services to its' customers and other OEM medical/surgical product companies.

In October of 2002, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. acquired granulating equipment that allows the company to granulate scrap materials for recycling purposes. This acquisition, for in-house use, has assisted in managing the process of recycling, monitoring particle quality and size; and the elimination of potential cross contamination of our recycled splinting materials.

In 2003, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. moved into our new building that more than doubled our plant facilities. In 2003, we installed our own perforating equipment. The company is now providing custom perforating applications to OEM customers, in addition to 100% of our in-house product requirements.

Over the past several years, Chesapeake Medical Products, Inc. has taken several steps to manage, maintain, and monitor:  product quality, customer service, and production costs.

Behind The Scenes...
Faye L. Johnson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing has 25 years of experience in this market. She is the prime contact for Chesapeake Medical's web site and all new product development inquiries.  Her role is to monitor existing distributors, both domestically and internationally.  She is responsible for all product training for the respective distributors.  She is deeply involved in the Sales and Marketing efforts of Chesapeake Medical Products.  Faye is responsible for obtaining new business and qualifying new contacts who are interested in becoming a distributor for Chesapeake Medical.  She is also responsible for all trade shows and workshops to promote Chesapeake Medicals products.  Her technical skills and hands-on training with the occupational and physical therapists assists with their use of our thermoplastic splinting products in their practices.  She plays a major role in instructing customers with the features and benefits of our quality line of splinting materials, which are manufactured in the USA and sold by CMP.

Kimberly Johnson Rodick, Chesapeake's CFO, graduated from Loyola College with a Finance/Accounting degree from the Sellinger School of Business and is also a Certified Public Accountant. Kimberly is responsible for all financial aspects of the company and her expertise with previous companies has been a tremendous asset to their business.

Significant investments made by Chesapeake has allowed for the formation of customer focused employee teams in the areas of Manufacturing, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Shipping and Distribution and others.