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Student Kits

The Student Kits are available to Educators and Students with an assortment of materials. Student Kits available:

Demo Student Kit:
This kit consists of one each of all of the CMP Thermoplastics, provided in a modified version of a Thumb Hole Wrist Cock Up, 1/8" thickness die cut pattern, Sample size "A", "B", or "C":

Infinity FiberForm® "Stiff"
FiberForm® "Soft" Marque Easy

Customized Student Kit:
The Educator has the ability to request various size pieces of three different splinting materials to allow the student to fabricate specific splints. All materials are placed in individual sealed poly bags for ease of use. Pricing predicated upon each individual request.

Please note: Significant discounts offered for Continued Education.

Functional Position Splint